Hello Pool Deck Owners and Deck Owners to Be!

Whether you’re here to improve your current pool deck, or here to learn all your options before investing in your future pool deck, I know you’ll find all the information below crucial in your decision making process. After reading our responses to some FAQ, you’ll be knowledgeable in pavers vs. concrete, Sundek vs Kool Deck, and all the tools needed for a cool pool deck. And the best part? Our experts here at PoolDeckResurface.com can handle all of your installation, resurfacing, and restoration needs.

Q: I’m Looking at Building a New Pool Deck. Which Base Material Should I Use?

A: Choosing your main material for you pool deck will probably be the hardest decision you face during the journey. Once you have that decided, it’s easier to choose coatings and upkeep processes. Thankfully, all of your options are able to withstand time and use with proper care, so the choice is based mostly on visual preferences and aesthetic designs. Here are just a few of your possibilities:

  • Wood – for a classic, maybe even rustic feel. This is also the most affordable of the pool deck material options available.
  • Exposed Aggregate – to mimic the appearance of many resort pools, it can also be accented with stones or concrete for added decorative flair.
  • Concrete – so that you can choose a variety of treatments and techniques to customize the feel and appearance of your pool deck.
  • Pavers – second only to concrete, pavers are known best for their ability to be easily removed and replaced individually, so that refurbishment is a breeze for our techs.

As you can see, all of your options are good ones and it’s up to you to decide which factors are most important to you. If you’re looking for a budget pool deck from the start, wood would be a great option. If you want repair costs to be lower, but don’t mind investing more in the beginning, then a paver pool deck is the right one for you. No matter which way you go, it’s crucial to hire a professional to handle the installation to save you money in the long run. One misplaced paver or a loose board of wood could spell disaster that can be avoided by hiring experts.

Q: I’ve Heard of Sundek and Kool Deck. Which One is Better?

A: First off, you have to understand that these two pool deck products are not inherently the same thing. One is to improve visual design, by making plain concrete more appealing, and the other is to improve usability, by making concrete heat resistant and therefore safer for bare feet that are just itching to jump into the water. Let’s look at both.

Sundek was started in 1970 and is a concrete overlay that can be stained, painted, and carved into just about any design you can imagine. If you’re looking for a dark brown cobble stone appearance, Sundek can do that. If you’re looking for a light pink flagstone design, Sundek can do that too. And having a Sundek overlay installed by one of our friendly experts is cheaper than attempting to install the individual stones or bricks that would be needed to replicate the look.

Kool Deck (many misspell it as Cool Deck) was invented all the way back in 1962 and, while it can be colored anything from Aztec Gold to Birch Grey, the most valuable aspect of Kool Deck is the thermal resistant coating that is put on top of the concrete. It actually lowers the surface temperature of the concrete, making your pool deck a safe environment in the sweltering summers. This is a fairly affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to make your pool a cool deck pool.

Q: Besides Sundek/Kool Deck, Are There Other Upgrades I Should Consider for My Pool Deck?

A: Absolutely! While visual appearance is a huge factor when making decisions for your pool deck, it’s also important to consider the safety aspects as well. Kool Deck makes sure you don’t burn your feet in the few minutes between putting down the towel and jumping in the pool. And, believe or not, a few minutes is all it takes. But there is another safety concern to think about as well.

Picture this: you’re hosting a pool party and your friends have brought their children. They’re laughing, running around, and having a great time. Suddenly, one of the children races to jump into the water, but slips halfway there. This a scene no one wants to see, and while not all accidents can be avoided, there are precautions that you can take. Besides telling the children not to run, because we all know they still will, you can have a slip resistant coating added to a number of different pool deck materials. The process is quick and painless in the hands of our techs and can save you from a nasty surprise. It’s better to have the precaution in place before something happens, instead of regrettably installing it afterward.

Q: My Old Pool Deck Has Been Neglected and I Think It’s Time for a New One. What Do I Do?

A: While we can try our best to keep your pool deck looking shiny and new, sometimes it’s not enough. If you get behind on resealing your wood deck, or forget to fill in the cracks in the concrete deck, both can quickly fall into disrepair. Or something out of your control, such as a bad storm, can mean the end of any well planned pool deck. So now it’s time to decide between your two options. You can either restore or refurbish.

Restore – This is the simpler of the two options, because it’s basically pulling out the design of your old pool deck and recreating it. You already know the materials needed, the treatments used, and how the end product will look down to the smallest detail. We can bring the jaw dropping pool deck of your memories back to life to be sunbathed on once again.


Refurbish – Maybe it’s a sign that the old pool deck didn’t make it through that storm. The pool deck deities are telling you it’s time to get creative again and redesign a brand new deck. You may have had wood before, but here’s your chance to transition to concrete. And while you may have been using treatment A before, now you feel like switching to treatment B. You can let your imagination run wild and then sit back and let our experts handle the dirty work.

In some cases, a little bit of both techniques could be beneficial. Keep the feel and appearance of your old deck, but add on some new and improved safety features and a thermal resistance coating. While it’s unfortunate to lose a pool deck, the sky is now the limit on your new pool deck endeavor.

Alright, that’s all the time for Q&A today, but don’t forget to check back again. And, remember, whether you’re starting from scratch, looking to liven up a current deck, or beginning the refurbishing process, PoolDeckResurface.com can handle any pool deck project you can imagine and we’ll do it faster, more efficiently, and with a friendly smile. Don’t leave such an important investment to just anyone, only trust the expert techs that we can provide. Until next time, happy swimming!