Pool Deck Repair Las Vegas

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your pool deck looks and feels amazing. Our professionals have been serving the Las Vegas area for over three decades with a 100% satisfaction rate on all jobs we’ve done here, so you can feel confident in us from day one!

We offer:

  • Affordable Rates – Pool Decks are easier on budgets than most people think;
  • Quick Repairs – no more waiting around while someone else dripping wet does theirs first because they’re slow or don’t want it done right (we know how important this!)
  • Strong Warranty– if something goes wrong during the construction of our workmanship then just come talk to us!
  • Reliable Results – trust me when I say the reliable results are just a phone call away.

Benefits of Professional Pool Deck Repairs?

The professional pool deck repairs we offer in Las Vegas will give your home back its shine. We can fix any issue you’re experiencing, and with our affordable rates, it won’t break the bank!
Maintaining a usable surface year-round is important but especially during peak season – when people rely on their backyard for relaxation time after work or school is done (or even before). When problems start happening such as cracks appearing through old stains left behind by weathering elements like water damage – it’s not necessary to replace everything

  • Get your pool back to pristine condition
  • Replace cracked or broken tiles and pour new grout
  • Repair broken tile joints and cracks in the concrete below the tile line
  • Restore water stop leaks to prevent costly damage from occurring

Types of Repairs

We have a wide range of pool deck repairs that can be done depending on what you’re looking for. Whether it’s more affordable options, or if the price is not an issue at all – we’ll help!

Crack Repair

The appearance of your pool deck can be negatively affected by cracks. Large gaps are an entry point for weeds to grow onto the surface, which creates discomfort and water sitting in between tiles or wood panels will lead to mold growths as well as mildew stains on clothing. We have different options available depending upon what type of crack you have

Spalling Repair

Spalling is a problem that can occur on any pool deck surface. It’s not just an aesthetics issue, but also one of safety and durability for residents who use the space around their swimming pools every day- especially when they have aged paint or coatings on them which start flaking away after only small amounts are exposed to weather elements over time (like water). Instead, our team uses patches/overlays instead so you don’t need costly resurfacing projects down the line!

Discoloration and Stains

Stains and discoloration on pool decks are unavoidable, even if you’re not using your deck because UV-ray exposure, as well as weathering, are all contributing factors. Heavy foot traffic can also cause stains or marks that need to be cleaned up! We’ll work with our customers by pressure washing their surfaces in order to remove any unwanted substances from the wood before applying cleaners specifically designed for these types of problems – this means no more worry about those pesky brown spots ruining an otherwise beautiful day at home soaping around in circles trying to find shade

Sealer Repair

A sealed concrete pool deck will make your home more attractive, durable, and secure. A proper sealant keeps water from seeping into the surface while also preventing stains caused by spills or other liquids that could lead to long-term damages over time like discoloration of walls near pools’ edges.

Slippery Concrete Repairs

When we have children or elderly family members that enjoy our pool decks, the surface must be slip-resistant and safe for all ages. Slippery concrete can lead to serious injuries. We make your pools safer by adding an additive that ensures that even when wet-the deck will be slip-resistant!

Settlement Repairs

Sometimes concrete beneath the surface settles a bit too much so our professionals can help raise it with slab jacking foam. This helps by raising back up to an even level and prevents having the entire pool stripped for replacement or repairs that may not be necessary

Budget and Eco-friendly

When you need to replace your pool deck, it is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process. Our team offers affordable rates with long-lasting repairs that create minimal waste as well as being accessible to everyone! Don’t wait any longer: call us today so we can help make this transition easier than ever before.

Materials and Variety

With a whole range of options to choose from, we ensure that your project is the best it can be. Whether you want an artistic design or something more standard and traditional; our team will make sure every detail has been thought through with care.